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Bob Charles


Show Now  Mondays

at 6pm -7pm


"The Bob Charles Show” internet radio at is a unique radio show Hosted and Founded by Bob Charles with listeners worldwide.  This unique Bob Charles radio show expands itself toward diversified subjects, there are interests for everyone. Giving listeners inspiring, awakening and educational broadcasts, and great music. Bob Charles also wants to entertain and enliven your life in body, mind and spirit. On Bob's show the guest interview is a friendly enjoyable conversation. The Bob Charles Show has weekly exciting live guest interview shows, on Thursday 7-8 pm and Mondays 6-7 pm eastern standard time. Sunday is archive day for The Bob Charles Shows.  Everyone is welcome to call in with questions to The Bob Charles Show and the host shows - call in # 843-300-1399

Bob Charles websites:!schedule1/cv2p



Transformational Experiences for Humans and Animals with Lori Spagna

Mondays at 7pm EDT

Lori Spagna Show (Animal Communicator and psychic/medium) Monday 7-8 pm est: A Lightworker and Visionary who speaks on Animals and Ascension. The awakening of Planet Earth from the animal's perspective, and the future of animal medicine. A holistic health and energy healer, animal communication and canine behavioral trainer, akashic records practitioner, psychic intuitive, empowerment coach. She transformed her life after a series of near  death experiences while living in Maui. She has over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world and a internationally recognized expert, speaker and author.  She provides seminars, healing circles and workshops on how we can improve our lives by learning from animals. Lori is founder of efil's god Spirit, efil's god and efil's god Dog Training, which focus on a spiritual, holistic approach to communication and healing for the mind, body and spirit. 


Calif. website:
Lori's Blog:



Chris Kehler A Quantum View Radio Show every 2nd Wed at 6pm-7pm EDT


Chris Kehler: Holistic Energetic and Quantum Healer, Distant Healing, Aura and Etheric Template, Dowsing, and Muscle testing. Chris uses the pendulum/chart method of finding the Root of a heal problem for a person, animal or plant. Chris then uses "Sacred Geometry" such as Healing with Pyramids to “neutralize” the stressor in the body. Stressors like virus, bacteria, parasites and heavy metals are moved out of the body immediately. He uses Radionics which is the use of frequency. Chris also works on such problems like spiritual attachments, soul issues, chakra imbalances etc.

Canada website:




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