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                                                          Pyramidone Network Radio  (Texas Studio)

                                                  Station Disclaimer

All material must be authorized by both parties for any use of our website or on air content prior will be written and signed by both parties in agreements will be used.  In cases of promotional and podcast material, submitting a letter of giving permission to allow airing of content can be accepted by station manager(s) only if the host or producer is the sole owner of material and at times the approval of Pyramid One Network will be needed (especially if aired on multiple stations or websites they control).  Pyramid One Network and our station have made every reasonable effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for any editorial or clerical human errors or error occasioned by honest mistake(s).  At no time is or will any material on this Web site or aired off the links and companies that we use is/are to be considered contractual agreements between this station, Pyramid One Network and any other party.    All information contained on this Web site is subject to change by the appropriate officials without prior notice.
Encored shows and podcasts are updated once a weekly and at the discretion and judgment of the station manager or program director.  Contact the station manager (if it isn't posted on our website) of your station to see when submissions are required for shows.


*Notice that material that is seen and/or heard originating from our platform(s) under international the laws and regulations of other countries may be prohibited or blocked because of originating source destination, material or content.  User(s), listener(s) or visitor(s) to our site solely bear the responsibility for the laws and regulations of the country, state, or province of which they reside.  We don't condone the use of illegal activity of any sort, and do not take responsibility for the policement or enforcement of said law(s), regulation(s), or policy(s).


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